Our communities: The Financial Devastation


This past week has been extremely stressful in the black communities, not to mention the past year alone.  The Washington Post states that there were 986 related police shootings in 2015 . The Huffington Post states that in 2016 there were a total of 136 Black men killed by police. In the same year, there was a massacre of crimes against the LGBT community . The deadliest mass shooting in 2016 with 50 people killed at a night club in Florida.  Let’s not forget about the 9 African Americans who were killed as a result of hate crime and the 14 victims who were killed in San Bernardino.

Just this week, 5 police officers were killed as a result of retaliation in Texas . I can go on and on about the fatalities between police shootings, hate crimes that involves death and lastly, all the deadly shootings against black men killing one another (gang infestation) from various states like Detroit, Chicago,& Los Angeles just to name a few. I am not able to keep up with the tally but the numbers are large.

Watching the many  videos in the past year of black men being killed has truly torn my heart, mainly because I have a Black son, brother, father and many friends who I love dearly.  But what all these deaths have in common is they were untimely; gone before their time.  As I have mentioned before in my other articles, families are left Double Devastated as a result of not only losing their loved one but also having to face the financial devastation of not having the income to replace as a result of passing away.

Thinking about the trickle down effect of losing a loved one can wave through the family for many years to come: Leaving behind husbands, wives and children to fend for themselves financially in an already strained economy.   None of us ever want to think about losing a loved one, yet as we can clearly see, devastation can come at any given moment.

About two weeks ago, I had the chance to revisit the Museum of Tolerance  (http://www.museumoftolerance.com/site/) which is a wonderful museum that focuses on all hate from the Civil Rights movement to the Holocaust. So many various lives lost over the course of 40+years and we would think our country would evolve, yet with the scarcity of jobs and lack of education (which is what Martin Luther King Jr., was fighting for back in the Civil Rights era), it is challenging for our men  to thrive in this economical drought. One of the things the narrator pointed out is that we must pay attention to our history since it has a way of repeating itself (sic).

Yes we must protest for our rights and work to right so many wrongs in our community but let’s also have the conversation about ensuring families are protected by being PRO-active rather than REactive which means, don’t leave anything to chance, ensure your family is protected with Life Insurance.

Many say they cannot afford it, but truly no one can afford not to have it .  Unless you have thousands of dollars to give away, I would strongly suggest budgeting for that $50-$100 payments (depends on age and health) per month rather than having  to come up with $10K-$15K to bury a loved one. In many of the cases named above, families had to create GoFundMe accounts to bury their loved ones.

Also, the purpose of life insurance is to restore the family back to the state of living prior to the loss of a loved one.  That income is no longer available and the beneficiary cannot depend on work life insurance (which is really called a certificate of insurance) does not pay out in a timely manner or may not pay the full amount of insurance depending on the company’s agreement with the life insurance company (e.g. Employee would have to die on the premises or work a certain amount of hours in a week for the work policy to pay out).

At the end of the day, we have to ensure families left behind are properly protected.  I pray for all the victim’s families who have suffered as a result of losing a loved one.  I pray for their strength and financial restoration because no one left behind should have to deal with mourning a loved one and also worrying about money.

I am in a business where I get the opportunity to assist families, but how do I convince those who have the option of buying life insurance know that they need life insurance?

I ask that you forward this article to all your loved ones and let’s start a movement to not only stand up for our Civil Rights but ensuring that we are all financially protected as well.

Maxine Sinclair

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4 Things you may not know about Life Insurance



I can’t believe it’s almost April!  It’s been a while since I wrote a blog. My main purpose today is reaching out to everyone and ensuring that you and your family are okay and also ensure that your friends and family are okay as well.  What does that mean?  It means that many people say they don’t know anyone who either may need coverage or also have a professional look at their current life insurance policies (No obligation of course). If you are in the right vehicle, I will be very honest with you.  The only thing I have to gain is that you gave me the opportunity to meet and I can sleep knowing my clients are taken care of.

But my real question is, if you were having a birthday party for your children, who would you invite?  And are those people not considered your close friends and family?  I can honestly tell you that being a Life Insurance Representative is not the easiest job, but it is absolutely the most rewarding because I get to help families be protected and also help to avoid double devastation: 1) for the loss of of the loved one and 2) Helping to avoid financial devastation to the living spouse/children and family.

Listen as a  Life Insurance agent, I receive training on a weekly basis to ensure that I provide my clients with the best, updated and accurate information.  Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know, however I would really like to hear from you if only to have a conversation. I’ve had people avoid me, walk away from me and even say the topic is depressing, and yes I totally understand, even thinking they cannot afford it.  But I am hear to tell you that you can’t afford NOT to have it.

But let me move on from that topic and jump into something I’ve heard people say over the past year.  What I am providing you are actual facts,  please let me help you understand a few misconceptions about life insurance:

(1) I don’t need a pre-need (insurance for burial).  My life insurance will cover ALL the costs.

Life Insurance may cover your Mortuary cost, but definitely not your burial cost.  Depending on the mortuary, they may consider taking the cost out of the face value and your family will receive the remaining benefits. I would strongly suggest checking around first and not leave your family the burden of having to deal with this issue.  You can just call on the phone to find out if necessary.

(2My policy is worth $50,000.00 (whole life) and I’ve had it for over  30 years, my family will be okay.

If you are taking out loans on your whole life policy and not paying it back, or if you are not able to make monthly payments on your premium and the insurance says “it’s okay”, then please know that the insurance company WILL deduct any due amounts out of the FACE Value of the policy.  An example of this issue is a Husband who had 18 policies, only to learn upon death ALL of the policies combined were only worth $2,500.00 total, not enough to cover his burial expense.

(3) My Mom has a life insurance policy on me…I don’t  need coverage

Understand that once a child turns age 26, they are no longer covered under the parent’s life insurance policy.  It is the parent’s responsibility to call the insurance company to let them know that a new policy must be purchased in order to continue coverage.  Some Life Insurance companies still bill the parents even though the coverage has expired!  This is the type of information that many people may not know or  understand and this is just the tip of the iceberg!
(4) I have a policy at my job…I’m good!

What you actually have at work is called a “Certificate of Insurance” and not a life insurance policy.  Depending on where you work, the policy may not pay out to your family. For example:  At some companies, you have to die on the premises to receive the death benefits, other companies, you have to work a certain amount of hours.  Lastly, the companies rarely, if at all give employees a copy of Certificate to review the fine print.  I am not saying to cancel your work policy, you should absolutely keep it, but everyone should have a separate policy outside of the work insurance policy.

I thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. Although it is not a popular topic, it is absolutely a necessary one.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (213) 923-1084. I would like to here from you.

Until the next time!

Maxine Sinclair